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Individual Counseling

Are you looking for a warm, welcoming space for inner exploration and healing? Together we'll create a supportive, compassionate environment, where we'll gently focus-in on your internal world, helping you understand your inner conflicts, nurture self-compassion, and unlock your healing potential.


Helping adults struggling with issues related to:

  • Childhood trauma, including:

    • Emotional neglect

    • Parentification

    • Early loss

    • Difficult home environments

    • Abuse

  • Recent traumatic experiences

  • Relationship and attachment issues

  • Codependent and people-pleasing tendencies

  • Divorce / breakup

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


Internal Family Systems

You are made up of an infinite amount of parts - aspects of yourself from many time periods that are held within your mind and body - and no parts are "bad". IFS helps people understand the positive intent and unburden parts that struggle with negative emotions, beliefs, and behaviors, helping you to release what no longer serves you from a place of calm and compassion. 

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Do you sometimes feel that something that happened to you a long time ago is still with you today? EMDR is a powerful tool that helps unlock trauma in the body, helping it leave the time period where the trauma first occurred and resourcing it with more adaptive, present-moment information. 

Therapy Intensives

Accelerate your Healing

Some journeys may benefit from a deeper dive, and that's where therapy intensives come in. With EMDR and IFS intensives, I offer a unique opportunity to address underlying traumas and internal conflicts in a concentrated, focused format.

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Get to know Suzanne

Clients often say that my warm and compassionate approach helps them feel seen and understood.

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